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Are you afraid that you will never get rid of your Lyme disease?

“I had Lyme Disease and I was terrified that I would end up drooling in a wheelchair.”

– Derek T.

After taking antibiotics for over a year, Derek still struggled with debilitating fatigue, joint pain, and mental fog. Some days he didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. His doctor tried up to five different antibiotics at the same time without seeing much improvement.



After work, he would stay up late into the night searching Internet websites, on-line forums, and newsletters for any ideas for stopping his Lyme disease nightmare. He felt terrified when he read how some people could no longer walk or talk after years of misdiagnoses or failed treatments. One day, his knee swelled up and required surgery to repair the damage caused by his Lyme infection. Derek struggled for over a year to find a solution for his persistent Lyme symptoms.

Eliminating Lyme disease is a complex and challenging problem

Hard to get a proper diagnosis

One of the most difficult challenge is getting an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, Lyme Disease symptoms can mimic other illnesses. Lyme Disease patients have been misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, ALS, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, and chronic fatigue. Another challenge is that the current Lyme Disease tests provide too many false negatives.

blood cells in artery Many people with Lyme Disease symptoms have received negative blood tests for years as they got progressively worse. Not only is this disease hard to diagnose, it can be very difficult to eliminate it from the body.

Difficult to get effective treatment

Getting adequate treatment is another big challenge. Many patients have difficulty finding medical providers that are knowledgeable about how to treat Lyme disease. Many practitioners only follow the CDC and IDSA recommended protocol of a few weeks of antibiotics. Those medical providers who go beyond these protocols can be at great risk of losing their medical license. Many of these practitioners have been scrutinized by a medical board review panel. Many have had their medical license suspended.

doctor with patient You may be fortunate to find a Lyme Literate Medical Practitioner to treat you with antibiotics. However, medications can have unpleasant side-effects.

The side-effects of medications can make you feel horrible

If you are fortunate to be able to find a doctor that is willing to give you long-term antibiotics, you can struggle with the side effects of nausea, fatigue, insomnia, vision problems, liver damage, digestive problems, burning sensations in the veins, or body aches.

And in many cases, antibiotics can take many, many years to put a chronic Lyme infection in remission. Unfortunately, in some cases long-term antibiotics are unable to clear out a Lyme infection and the accompanying co-infections. Why? The bacteria hide in your body where drugs have a hard time killing them.

brain image The Lyme bacteria hide in hard to reach places like your nervous system

They can hide in your brain and your nervous system causing all sorts of neurological problems like vision and hearing loss, tremors, seizures, and the inability to think your way out of a wet paper bag. Many medications cannot get past the blood-brain barrier to clear out Lyme in your nervous system.

Lyme bacteria also like to hide in your joints

They penetrate into your joints, eat holes in your cartilage, and their toxins cause pain, swelling, and stiffness. Most joints have a limited amount of blood vessels, so medications have a hard time penetrating and killing the bacteria in your shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankles.

Lyme can also make a shield to protect themselves

These bacteria also can produce and hide under a shield that is like a jello-blob called a biofilm. Under a biofilm, they can hide from medications, anti-Lyme herbs, and your immune system. They often congregate under the biofilm with other harmful bacteria. Different species of harmful bacteria can share dangerous things like their genes for becoming drug resistant.

lyme cyst illustration Lyme bacteria are extremely difficult to eliminate completely

When these bacteria are killed, they can eject a hardened cyst that contains their DNA. Just like a lifeboat, these microscopic cysts float around in a dormant state. At some point, the dormant cyst gets reactivated and reinfects you all over again. Not only is Lyme Disease hard to get rid of, so are the other infections that come with it.

Lyme Disease can come with several other infections

When you get infected with Lyme Disease, you can also get other infections that make you feel horribly fatigued, give you painful burning sensations, and really mess up your memory and coordination. The are called co-infections and they have strange names like Babesia, Bartonella, Erlichia, or Mycoplasmas. There are over 60 different co-infections that ticks have been found to transmit. These co-infections can make getting rid of Lyme Disease more difficult and a much longer process.

Is there another way to end the nightmare of persistent Lyme disease?

Goodbye Lyme™ helps you to decode the mystery of healing Lyme disease

The Goodbye Lyme Newsletter offers articles and effective tools from over fourteen years of clinical experience in helping people with chronic Lyme disease, cutting edge research, and several medical systems with thousands of years of wisdom in healing patients with infectious diseases. This newsletter offers more than  just the latest medicines for killing the infection. The GoodbyeLyme Newsletter gives you powerful, effective tools for helping you to clean out a chronic Lyme infection using multiple healing approaches.

Imagine discovering a secret library of tried and tested healing remedies that have helped people who have struggled just like you. If you have tried several different antibiotics, supplements, or herbs, you may wonder, “Is this really going to get rid of my chronic Lyme disease for good?”

You may be skeptical about the next Lyme disease treatment

With so much information about healing Lyme disease on the Internet, you may wonder if it will really work for you. Or if you have gone through the disappointment of having your symptoms persist or relapse, you are probably cautious about getting your hopes up. You want to see or hear about real results before investing your time, energy, and money in another Lyme disease treatment program.

In the Goodbye Lyme Newsletter, we’ll share with you what has worked with our clients, what didn’t, and why. We’ll also share with you, the research behind our treatment methods. You can judge for yourself before you commit to anything or spend another nickel on Lyme disease.

Are you still worrying how you can stop your chronic Lyme infection?

If relapsing is a constant concern, you will want to know about effective ways to strengthen yourself against an unexpected recurrence.

plant leaves Here are some of the different articles on treating Lyme disease that you will read about in the Goodbye Lyme Newsletter:

* Herbs for eliminating persistent Lyme infections
* Which foods help you to starve the Lyme bacteria
* Detoxification – reducing pain and fatigue due to toxic Jarisch – Herxheimer reactions
* Ways to strengthen your immune system
* How to deliver medicines into hard-to-reach places – joints, nervous system, and brain
* Penetrating the Lyme biofilm and destroying the bacteria
* Herbs for eliminating co-infections
* Dissolving cysts before they re-infect you
* Healing the painful emotions around Lyme disease
* Self-healing tools for purging negative beliefs underlying Lyme disease

Most other websites present information on one approach for eliminating a chronic Lyme infection. In the Goodbye Lyme Newsletter, you will learn about ways of integrating multiple approaches for strengthening your immune system and eliminating your chronic infection. You will read how different strategies work together to help you get your life back from Lyme disease.

Is it worth getting another newsletter on Lyme disease?

In the Goodbye Lyme Newsletter, you get solid tools, remedies, and information based on real results with actual clients. You also get to hear the real story from our clients who share how they overcame their Lyme disease challenges. Every issue includes practical tools or resources that you can use right away.

The purpose of this website

I’ve spent many, many hours working with patients and on the Internet researching Lyme disease. And I’m concerned when I read about the next treatment method that is supposed to be a cure for Lyme disease. I see over and over again that what works for one person does not always work for someone else.

The reason I set up this website was to make sure you get the best possible information based in real clinical experience and laboratory results. You will read about topics such as alternative treatments for Lyme disease pain, herbs that kill the bacteria and co-infections in the laboratory and in the body, effective ways that have helped people replenish their vitality, treatments that have helped restore mental focus, memory recall, and diminished neurological symptoms, etc.

If you’ve been desperately searching around the Internet like me and you are tired of information that does not help you with your symptoms, your search will end here. At this website, you will get solid tools backed by actual results with live people and research by highly qualified experts. This is where you’ll find effective tools and innovative solutions for recovering from a Lyme infection. It’s not just a bunch of dry facts, you will also read about inspiring and touching ways that people have gotten their lives back. And the articles are actually engaging and fun.

think like a bacteria Don’t think outside the box–Think like a bacteria

Within this website is a gold mine of useful information that allows you to look at your recovery from Lyme disease from a radically different viewpoint. You’ll find the information to be thought provoking, and very useful.

When you understand the multiple survival strategies of the Lyme bacteria, you will begin to see how it evades treatment. You will also learn about new ways to counter each of it’s survival strategies. You will also learn about new ways to eliminate persistent co-infections.

I suggest you explore the various sections of this site, and ONLY THEN, sign up for the Goodbye Lyme newsletter. The newsletter is FREE, but it’s not a hastily put-together document. Each newsletter is extremely comprehensive in its detail. You’ll find the information fun to read, simple to implement, and clinically sound.

Why people subscribe to this newsletter

People before you have tested these healing tools and ideas and found it to be effective for their healing. They have provided great testimonials for the value they get from the newsletter.

In the Free Articles section, you get to see what kinds of useful information is available through the newsletter. You also get a bonus.

The bonus: With your subscription, you get a free, powerful report!

What the free report is about

People with Lyme disease discomfort have used the recommendations in this report to decrease their pain, reduce their fatigue, and improve their diet. These dietary recommendations have been used successfully for thousands of years by people with chronic infections. These recommendations are different than the much younger system of western nutrition. This bonus report is free when you subscribe to the newsletter.

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