The Origins of GoodbyeLyme.com

Greg’s Story
Over fifteen years ago, I worked with my first patient who had been diagnosed with Lyme disease.
He got better and then he would relapse. He taught me just how persistent this disease can be.
Each new person I encounter with Lyme has unique challenges and sensitivities which keep me
humble and determined to find a cure.

Several years before, I saw Bill Moyers’ 6 hour interview of Joseph Campbell. Joseph reminded
me of my Uncle Tommy who I loved immensely. In the interview, Joseph said, “Follow your
bliss and doors will open for you that were not there before.” After that, my career as a software engineer at a NASA contractor would never fulfill me in the same way. My heart had been
awakened and I spent the next year trying to find my bliss in some of the strangest places.

I became a teacher of the Alexander Technique. I met and hung around with some
of the most accomplished musicians and performers. We learned how to teach others how
to align our posture without pushing or pulling.

I also studied alongside accomplished healers who were learning the Craniosacral Technique.
We saw how small and gentle changes in the head and neck can make a tremendous difference
in clarity, well-being, and balance.

I felt like I was transported to another place and time when I went to my first Washington
DC Men’s Council meeting. I walked into a room with over 60 men drumming, dancing,
and yelling. I later joined a mens organization called the Mankind Project through the
New Warrior Training Adventure.

My next stop taught me how to needle people and give them ancient herbal remedies for
healing. Acupuncture taught me how to help people through subtle healing energies.

I found a Sufi Healing school called the Jaffe Institute. I took all their courses
and became an assistant faculty too. I was made a Master Healer and a Master Teacher
by the Sufi Master Teacher from Jerusalem named Sidi al-Jamal. A big surprise came next.

My daughter Rabia was born and my life has been a huge blessing since. And next came my
second daughter Kaiya who is a continual reminder of how precious a new life is.

We were so inspired by our tiny tree frog named Max Kiwi Bob, we decided to start a
healing center in Frederick, Maryland named the Two Frogs Healing Center.

Over the years, each new client teaches me how to improve upon and refine our comprehensive GoodbyeLyme System.
The essential factors of this approach are: neutralizing painful toxins with cupping and anti-toxin herbs, killing Lyme and co-infections through anti-microbial herbs and supplements, starving the bacteria through your diet, releasing painful emotions, receiving healing from a Higher Source of Healing, and getting it out of where it is hiding in the body. One more factor is learning to receive compassion.

Penelope’s Story
I became interested in treating Lyme Disease after my daughter got bitten by a tick. A very small tick.  I tested the tick and it came back positive for Bartonella. Needless to say I became very worried.

I started to see many of my friends and their children get Lyme Disease in a short amount of time. Many of them found lingering symptoms after antibiotic therapy. Many of them found relief from brain fog, fatigue, and joint pain with alternative approaches.

I am a licensed acupuncturist. My focus and passion is to help people that are still struggling despite months of antibiotics, do-it-yourself herbal protocols or rife treatment. Through electrodermal scans, we are able to identify effective remedies and target hidden infections, to reduce excess toxicity and inflammation, and to strengthen the different systems that are impacted by Lyme and co-infections.

We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us an email at:



Greg Lee and Penelope Melas
Co-founders of the Two Frogs Healing Center.



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