Goodbye Lyme Treatment Program


The Goodbye Lyme Treatment Program is a comprehensive treatment package for getting rid of chronic Lyme disease pain, fatigue, and mental fog. This program also treats co-infections like Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and Mycoplasmas.

Here are the ways we gather information about the underling conditions that are causing your persistent symptoms:

Genetic testing: 23andMe – note that 23andMe has recently removed several thousand genetic markers which we use for detoxification analysis. We are searching for a low cost alternative.

Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) Test – This visual test can be performed over the computer and helps us to determine if biotoxins from Lyme, Babesia, mold, or other sources are a factor in a patient’s symptoms.

Suggested blood tests – These blood tests are optional and can be taken after your initial appointment. Based upon what is found in the electrical frequency scan at the initial appointment, patients may elect to ask their doctor to run specific tests. If you have blood test results within the last year, please bring copies of them to your first appointment.

Treatments are remedies – for persistent symptoms, detoxification, fighting infections, boosting the immune system and restoring healthy functioning.

Scheduling and forms – for your initial visit

Preparing for your first appointment – what to bring, what not to bring

Initial treatment approach – how we identify and approach the underlying causes of your most urgent symptoms

Follow up appointments procedure – what happens at follow up appointments

Recommendations for between appointments – dietary recommendations and practices that may enhance your healing progress

Treatments and strategies for resolving chronic Lyme symptoms

In the Goodbye Lyme Treatment Program, you will start off receiving regular treatments for addressing your specific Lyme disease and co-infection symptoms and concerns. As your symptoms improve, treatment will be spaced out to best support your healing in a way that best fits in with your goals for recovering from your infection(s), schedule, and budget. Here are some of the way we help our clients to heal the difficulties produced by their infections or chronic conditions:

Relieving Joint and Muscle Pain

– Taking anti-bacterial herbs kill off the Lyme and co-infections to stop them from eating holes in your muscles and joints

– Using detoxification treatments to neutralize painful Lyme toxins

– Getting acupuncture for releasing painful inflammation out of your joints

– Receiving cupping to remove toxins, joint pain and stiffness

– Receiving Craniosacral Technique for releasing toxic energies out of your joints and muscles

Eliminating Lyme Fatigue

– Taking powerful herbs to eliminate energy zapping toxins

– Getting acupuncture for replenishing your vitality

– Eating food that “drain dampness” to restore your energy

– Using self-healing tools help you to recharge on the go

Preventing the Lyme from hiding under a biofilm

– Taking anti-biofilm herbs, supplements, and essential oils to cut through biofilm shields

– Eating biofilm busting foods

Healing brain fog, confusion, and twitchy neurological problems

– Eating the right foods that clear brain fog

– Receiving craniosacral treatments to enhance memory recall and mental focus

– Taking neurological herbs to help heal nerve pathways

– Getting acupuncture helps to detoxify the limbic system in your brain

– Adding essential fatty acids enhances nervous system rebuilding

– Reducing tremors, Bels Palsy, and paralysis by taking “wind-inhibiting” herbs

Clearing painful emotions and untrue beliefs

– Addressing how you feel about being a host to a parasite or group of parasites

– Strengthening your “No!” to hosting these parasites

– Using energy expression techniques for releasing hopelessness, frustration, and worry

– Receiving spiritual insights helps to dissolve fear, sadness, and painful beliefs

Busting the drug resistant forms of the bacteria

– Taking herbs and essential oils for attacking and dissolving the biofilm and persister forms of the Lyme disease and co-infections

Using a wide array of healing tools, you can see significant improvements in your pain, fatigue, and neurological problems. Many of our clients have successfully combined the Goodbye Lyme Treatment Program along with their Lyme Literate Doctor’s medication plan without negative interactions.

Our best results have been with people who have been infected for two years or less. About 40% of these patients report being symptom free after completing one or two treatment programs. Some people report being without symptoms for over a year after ending the Goodbye Lyme Treatment Program.

Please note that if you have multiple co-infections, your course of treatment will be longer than if you have only one tick infections.

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