Dr. Ann Corson Blog Talk Radio Interview Excerpts

Blog Talk Radio is a weekly radio program that has interviewed many of the top Lyme Literate Doctors in the US. Here is the entire 120 minute interview with Dr. Ann Corson’s on Sunday March 25th, 2012.


Below are interview excerpts labelled by topic. (permission to use these excerpts has been granted by Sue Vogan the host). Click on a title to listen, right-click to download (Windows), Command-click to download on a Macintosh.

Background (9:10)


Patients, osteopathy, diet recommendations (9:04)

Magnesium and biofilms (7:10)

Protomyxzoa (4:21)

Emotional healing (8:39)

German Biological Medicine (21:00)

Thyroid (6:07)

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) (4:09)

Treating kids and prevention (9:39)

Inflammation (4:00)

Marshall Protocol (2:08)

Pregnancy (5:37)


Here is a powerpoint presentation by Dr. Corson given to the California Lyme Disease Association (CALDA) which shows the links between German Biological Medicine and Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Corson’s CALDA presentation 22 Jan 2012

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