Evening Lecture: Getting Rid of Chronic Lyme Disease Issues

Getting Rid of Chronic Lyme Disease
Issues LIVE Evening Lecture

Wednesday August 1st 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
(in person training event only, this event is NOT being
broadcast on the internet)

Two Frogs Healing Center 
4539 Metropolitan Court
Frederick, Maryland (located inside the Frederick Innovative Technology Center)

Do your joints still ache despite months of medications?

Are you lacking the energy to get out of bed?

Do you struggle with mental fogginess?

Lyme bacteria can be very hard to eliminate from
your system

They can hide in your joints and in your nervous system.
They can lay dormant in a protected cyst form to avoid
being killed by medications.

Recent clinical results with liposomal herbal remedies
and essential oils have
eliminated Lyme disease and co-infection
symptoms even when antibiotics are not effective. Patients receiving
acupuncture and taking an anti-Lyme liposomal remedies report
decreased joint pain, more energy, better sleep, and more mental
clarity. Some clients have not report recurring symptoms in over a year.

Come and learn how acupuncture, liposomal herbs, and
essential oils can help you to resolve your chronic Lyme
disease pain, mental fog, and fatigue.
We’ll be offering samples of liposomal remedies for taste testing at this
live in-person event.



My body did not feel right. Extreme tiredness, achey joints, weak muscles, and several colds which are not like me.

[With treatment] I have gotten back my feelings of energy, enjoyment of life, being optimistic. I’m my old self again.

The result of not having Lyme disease is that I feel so much better.”

– M. Christian, Gerrardstown, WV


As President of LDAESM (Lyme Disease Association of the Eastern Shore of Maryland), I want to personally thank you for coming to Salisbury, Maryland. The information [in the Getting Rid of Lyme Disease Pain, Fatigue, and Mental Fog lecture] was excellent and well presented.

Most of us in the leadership are open to alternative treatment methods and have had herbalists speak in the past. Many in our group are learning the hard way that treating tick borne illness is much more than dutifully taking antibiotics. The Eastern Shore is a time bomb in my opinion.

The LDAESM is very fortunate to have so many valuable resources such as yourself to draw from with our questions and concerns.


Dale E. King

President of the Lyme Disease Association of the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Tuition: $20

Reserve your space now before it fills up. The lecture space is
limited to 20 participants

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Getting Rid of Lyme Disease Pain, Fatigue, and Mental Fog,
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My very best wishes for your healing,


Greg Lee is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and a Master Sufi Healer. He is co-founder of the Two Frogs Healing Center in Frederick, Maryland. He has helped hundreds of clients to resolve their chronic Lyme disease symptoms safely and naturally.


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